DOG ENERGY DRINK It is the first line of energy drinks for dogs. It will allow to realize their full potential in situations of physical demand. It is a complete and healthy source of hydration to prepare our pets before physical activity. In addition, cares for a maintenance of his physical condition throughout the course of the exercise, giving them constant energy and enhancing all physical abilities.

We will get a better performance of our animal. Two types of beverages are presented, according to the activities and needs of each type of dog:

Hunting & Sports and Activity Plus

DOG RECOVERY DRINK It is the first recovery drink for dogs reconstituted and promotes healthy and balanced return to optimal physical condition. This innovative drink takes into account all the shortcomings suffered by our pets after exercise. DUMTS is considered as a perfect prize after the effort made by pets with high performance (hunting, agility, racing, sports in general).

Two types of beverages are presented, according to the activities and needs of each dog:

Hunting & Sports and Recovery Plus.

DOG HYDRATE DRINK It is considered as the first special drink for pets. Your dog will really like it for its flavor, which will increase the appetite. This drink favors the hydration of your pet healthy and light manner, considering it as the perfect prize to calm thirstiness and refresh the body.

We have 2 formats of DOG HYDRATE DRINK depending on the pet size: 200 ml y 250 ml

DOG CALM DRINK It is a drink developed for the more energetic and nervous pets. Thanks to its innovative formulation, enriched with Tryptophan, this drink will improve in concentration and self-control of your pet against stress and anxiety.

DUMTS CALM presents 2 formats according to the pet size: 200 ml y 250 ml

CAT HAIR CONTROL It is the nutritional supplement that prevents malt and facilitates the removal of hairballs of a natural manner and helps to intestinal transit.

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